People tend to have a natural curiosity about military time. It’s quite understandable when one looks at just how important time is to people’s lives. Time is important, and as a result, the ways in which time is measured will be too. But no matter how one looks at it this time has a certain appeal. But it can be easily understood with a military time chart.

18 in military time

People might well be skeptical that they could learn military time without having to put much work into it. But that’s also the true beauty of it. Simplicity is quite literally the systems whole reason for being. As such it’s usually fairly easy to get the hang of it.

The first thing to keep in mind is that military time is a system of measurement. A good comparison can be made there with liquid. After all, people often think of time as something that flows through an hourglass. Likewise, water has a similar progression as it fills a glass.

military time

That glass of water can be measured with imperial or metric systems. There’s always going to be the same amount of water there no matter how one looks at it. Like the famous quote, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. And a glass of water will have the same amount of liquid no matter how it’s measured.

But looking at the glass with imperial measurements might show it as a single cup of liquid. But one cup in imperial is also 237 milliliters. The latter number might look complex at first. But it’s only because one is centering on a single form of measurement. In imperial it’d simply be 237 ml or roughly a quarter of a liter’s worth of liquid. The complexity has more to do with conversions than it does with the subject matter itself.

A similar situation exists with military time. When someone says 1800 hours it might seem like a complex statement. But that’s only because one is presented with a mathematical conversion as part of the process. Eighteen hundred hours in this time is just that, eighteen hundred hours. It only becomes complex when trying to convert to a whole different system of measurement. When it becomes second nature than the conversions aren’t really needed anymore.

18 hundred hours

When one starts out with military time a military time chart should be consulted on a regular basis. A military time chart makes it quite easy to figure out how it works. Again, the biggest issue involved with using it comes down to essentially just breaking old habits.

People get used to thinking of time as a value that’s tightly bound to their system of measurement. But using military time for a while will eventually free people from that idea. Instead, they’ll simply think of time as something that’s measured. And they’ll be able to apply different systems of measurement as needed.

When they hear eighteen hundred hours they’ll just think of it as that specific number. It’s only when called on to convert it that math will come into play. That’s the point where they’ll remember using the military time chart and state that it’s 6 PM.

Show me military time

One should start things out by essentially thinking of a time. It can be as simple a matter as just looking at the clock. To return to the previous example, it might be 6 PM. So one would ask himself to see the value in it. The military time chart would be consulted and it would show 1800. As this process is repeated the numbers will come to mind at a faster and faster pace.